Get started with the Toon Goggles app

Logging into Toon Goggles

Open the Main Menu (left menu sidebar), select Apps, then select Toon


Toon Goggles Accounts

You can view Toon Goggles without an account. Registering a Toon Goggles account lets you access your favorite Toon Goggles shows on different devices. If you want to view Toon Goggles programming without ads, you can register for a paid TG Premium account or set Toon Goggles parental controls to lock all shows except those in the preschool and educational categories. TG Premium accounts are billed through Toon Goggles, not Layer3 TV. See Toon Goggles Help for more information. 

Toon Goggles Favorites

To view, set, or manage Toon Goggles Favorites, navigate to the program you want to add or remove to your Favorites and hold down the Select button on your remote control.  You must be logged in to your Toon Goggles account to access Favorites.toon-goggles-favs.jpg


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