Display YouTube videos in your search results

You can search for and play YouTube videos through the YouTube App, or by using the Search menu on your Layer3 TV Set-Top Box.

To search for YouTube videos, navigate to the Search menu by pressing the Search (magnifying glass) button on your remote control. You can also get to the Search screen by pressing Left on your remote control's directional pad and selecting Search.

From there, navigate to the bottom of the Search menu and press Left or Right on your remote to change Show results from: Layer3 TV to Show results from YouTube.  


Next, use your remote control's directional pad to search for the title of the video you want to watch. Search results will be shown automatically to the right of the search bar as you type; you can press Right at any time to select a video from the list. Videos will open and play in the YouTube App.


The Parental Controls feature does not affect a user's ability to search for and watch YouTube videos.

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