Configure Parental Controls

Activate Parental Controls on your account

You can enable and disable parental controls on your Layer3 TV account to restrict the content that a user can view or purchase. First, go to the Layer3 TV Customer Portal and click Account (1) in the top bar, then click the Parental Controls tab (2).

Click Edit and check/uncheck the box next to Admin PIN to enable/disable parental controls. If parental controls are being disabled, you'll need to enter your Admin PIN (4 digits) to proceed.  When you're done, click Save Changes.  You can also click on Cancel if you don't want to make changes.

Configure Parental Controls on the Set-Top Box

Press the Left button on your remote control to bring up the main menu, then select Settings. Press the Down button on your remote control, then select Parental Controls.

For each user on your account, you'll see the following list of movie and TV ratings:

Movie Ratings (MPAA):

  • G General Audiences
  • PG Parental Guidance Suggested
  • PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned
  • R Restricted
  • NC-17 Adults Only

TV Ratings (USA Parental Rating):

  • TV-Y All Children
  • TV-7 Directed to Older Children
  • TV-G General Audience
  • TV-PG Parental Guidance Suggested
  • TV-14 Parents Strongly Cautioned
  • TV-MA Mature Audience Only
  • NR Not Rated

For each user, you can select any number of Movie and TV ratings to restrict them. You'll see a red lock icon appear next to each restricted rating:

When a user for whom parental controls have been enabled tries to access restricted content, the channel will not load — the user will simply see the channel logo over a blank screen. Parental controls restrict DVR recordings as well as channels but do not affect the user's ability to view content on Apps or to search content on YouTube.

Unblocking content

To unblock specific content without removing parental controls, navigate to a show or movie and press the Select key on your remote control. Press Select again to choose the Unblock option. Enter your Admin PIN number to unblock the TV show or movie.

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