Customer Portal walkthrough

This article will take you through all the options available to you through the Layer3 TV Customer Portal.

 Top Bar

The Top Bar allows you to quickly navigate to different areas of the Customer Portal.

  • AccountView your personal information, parental controls, channels, and devices 
  • Service: View your current subscription, additional programming, payment history, and appointments
  • DVR: Schedule DVR recordings
  • Tickets: View your support tickets or submit a new ticket
  • Help: Visit the Help Center

 Home screen

  • Need Help?: Quick links to Layer3 TV support and social media accounts, product information, and troubleshooting assistance
  • Manage User Profiles: View or edit the user profiles on your Layer3 TV account
  • Account and Service: View or edit your account details, payment methods, and subscription information

Account screen

  • My Account: View or change your email, phone number, password, and payment info
  • Users: View or change all of the user profiles available on your account
  • Parental Controls: Set a PIN to restrict certain kinds of content on your Layer3 TV service
  • Channels: See a list of all your subscribed channels
  • Devices: View your Set-Top Boxes and Lite Boxes. You can change the names of those devices or reboot them. 

Service screen

  • Subscription: View your plan and additional programming, or make updates to your subscription
  • Payment History: View a list of On Demand videos you've purchased
  • Appointments: View past and upcoming installation and service appointments

DVR screen

View and set DVR recordings

Tickets screen

View your current and past support tickets, or submit a new ticket to Customer Care.

Help screen

View the Help Center and search for articles.

Bottom Bar

View Layer3 TV's privacy policy, visitor agreement, and service terms and conditions.  You can also chat with Customer Support.

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