Use the My Library Feature

My Library saves your favorite On Demand TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos for later

To launch My Library, open the Main menu by pressing left on the directional pad on your remote control. Then use the directional pad and Select (center) button on the remote control to navigate to and select My Library.


Saving a Video On Demand movie or TV show to My Library 

While a movie or TV show is playing, press the Select (center) button on the remote control. Then select Add to My Library.add-vod-to-my-library.jpg

Saving a web video (YouTube video) to My Library

Use the Search menu to search for and select YouTube content to save. Then press the record button on the remote control to add the video to My Library.


A heard next to a program entry indicates that it's been added to My Library.  


Viewing My Library Content

Viewing purchased On Demand movies and TV shows

Launch My Library and navigate to Movies or Shows. You'll see the following:

  • All (1):  Lists all movies that you have added to My Library
  • Rented (2): Lists movies that are currently in a rental period


Viewing Web Video (YouTube video)

Navigate to Web Video and select a video.web-video-programs-in-my-library-1.jpg

Click on a video to either:

  1. Play the video now
  2. Remove the video from My Libraryviewing-web-video-content.jpg
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