Using Google Assistant voice commands to control Layer3 TV


1. Ask Google Assistant to talk to Layer3 TV

If you're using a Google Home device, say Hey Google, talk to Layer3 TV or Ok Google, talk to Layer3 TV.

If you're using the Google Assistant app, say, Ok Google, talk to Layer3 TV.

2. Ask Google Assistant to perform an action on Layer3 TV 

  • Log in user Jeff
  • Open On Demand

Google Assistant can understand commands spoken in various ways, so there is no need for you to memorize phrases. For example, if you want to ask Google Assistant to show the DVR screen, Google Assistant will respond to any of the following commands:

  • Take me to DVR
  • Navigate to DVR
  • What's on DVR
  • Tell Layer3 DVR

Layer3 TV Google Assistant Actions

Log in and Log out of your Layer3 TV profile

You can log into or out of your Layer3 TV profile by saying:

  • Log in <your profile name>
  • Log off <your profile name>

Instead of "log in" or "log off," you can also say sign in, log into, sign into, or log out.

Go to different menus and screens on your TV

You can ask Google Assistant to go to a specific screen, such as the Home screen: Go to my Home screen

Instead of "go to," you can also say go, open, jump to, navigate to, show, access, take me to, or launch.

You can use Google Assistant to navigate to the following menus and screens in the Layer3 TV user interface:

  • Home: home, home page, home screen, main screen, main page
  • DVR: dvr, recordings
  • On Demand: on demand, video on demand, vod
  • Twitter: twitter, social

Search Layer3 TV 

To ask Google Assistant to find a movie, say:

  • Find the movie Blade Runner
  • Find film Guardians of the Galaxy

Or you can ask Google Assistant to find a TV show or series:

  • Find me show The Magicians
  • Find the TV series Law and Order

Change to a different channel or network

To ask Google Assistant to go to a different TV channel or network, say:

  • Go to channel 6
  • Switch to HBO

Instead of "go to" or "switch to," you can also say tune to <channel number or name> or watch <channel number or name>.

Play a TV show or movie

To ask Google Assistant to start a TV show or movie, say:

  • Select Paw Patrol
  • Play Wonder Woman

Google Assistant also understands play show and start show.

Confirm an On Demand purchase

  • Yes Please
  • No

Resume an On Demand Movie or TV show

  • Resume This is Us
  • Resume the Fate of the Furious

Turn on and turn off your TV

If you have a TCL, Vizio, or Samsung TV that supports CEC,  you can ask Google Assistant to turn the TV off and on. CEC must be enabled on your TV.  Check your TV documentation for further information.

  • Turn TV on
  • Turn off my TV

Google Assistant also understands:

  • Turn on TV or turn on my TV
  • Turn TV on or turn my TV on
  • TV on
  • Turn off TV or turn off my TV
  • Turn TV off or turn my TV off
  • TV off
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