Manage DVR recordings in your DVR Library

The DVR Library holds all your recordings.  You can list, sort, update, and delete scheduled DVR recordings in your DVR Library. You can also find out how much DVR recording space you have available.

You can access your DVR Library by either:

  • Pressing the DVR button on your remote control
  • Opening the Main menu and navigating to the DVR menu

For information on playing a DVR recording from your DVR Library, see Find and play a DVR recording.

Finding your available DVR recording space

The DVR Space Indicator displays the percentage of available DVR recording space on your Layer3 TV Set-Top Box. It also shows the number of recordings you have.


Sorting your DVR recordings

You can sort your DVR recordings by Most Recent (1), alphabetical title (A-Z) (2), and reverse alphabetical order (Z-A) (3).  Use the directional pad and the Select (center) button on your remote control to choose a sort option.


Displaying your upcoming recordings 

Your recordings are displayed in your DVR Library's Manage view. Use the directional pad and the Select (center) button on your remote control to select Manage.


Your recordings scheduled within the next 24 hours are displayed at the top of the screen (1).  Your other scheduled recordings are listed under All Recordings (2).


Changing an upcoming recording

To change recording options, find the scheduled recording in the DVR Library Manage view and select Settings.  


For series recordings, you can change the type of episode (new episodes only or new and repeats), how many episodes you'd like to record, and preferred channel. You can also choose Advanced Settings to adjust recording times, episode deletion options, and recording priority.

For single-episode recordings, you can change the recording deletion options.  If you want to adjust the recording times or set a higher priority, select Advanced Settings.

You'll see a confirmation pop-up on your screen after you've saved your changes.

Canceling a recording

To cancel a recording, find the scheduled recording in the DVR Library Manage view, select Settings, and select Cancel Recording.  


If the recording is airing in the next 24 hours, find the scheduled recording under Recording in the Next 24 Hours, then select Cancel.


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