Find recently-watched TV channels, DVR recordings, or On Demand programs

Your user history (History) displays the last 20 interactions on your Layer3 TV profile.  This information includes:

  • Live TV channels
  • DVR recordings
  • On Demand tv shows and movies
  • Layer3 TV Search and social media features

An interaction appears in your History only if you've stayed on that channel, recording, or event for at least thirty seconds – so you won't see every channel you flipped through.


Press the Ellipsis key or Up on the remote control directional pad to enter or exit your History.


Use the Left or Right keys on the remote control directional pad to navigate through your History. Choose a History tile by highlighting it and by clicking the Select (center) button on your remote control. 


History is unique to your profile. For example, if User A logs out and User B logs in, User B is not able to see User A's History.

Your History remains even after a reboot or a power outage.  You can clear your History by pressing the Green button on your remote control.  Caution: your History can't be recovered once you clear it.  

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