Get started with the XUMO app

With the XUMO app, you can watch over 90 different channels of free live and on-demand streaming entertainment including breaking news, stand-up comedy, sports, news coverage, and more.layer3tv-xumo-success.jpg

How do I access the XUMO app on my Layer3 TV Set-Top Box or Lite Box?

Launch the Apps menu by opening the Main menu (left menu sidebar) and selecting Apps. Then select XUMO.layer3tv-select-xumo-.jpg

Do I need an account for the XUMO app?

You do not need to register or create an account to view XUMO content.

How do I select another video on a XUMO channel page?

Press the Exit button on the remote control while you're watching the video.  You can then navigate to other XUMO content on that channel.

Where can I find more help on the XUMO app?

More information about the XUMO app can be found at

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