Get started with the YouTube app

 How do I launch the YouTube app?

Open the Main menu (left menu sidebar), select Apps, then select

How do I sign into the YouTube app?

1.  Navigate to Sign in (the upper left corner of the app screen)you-tube-sign-in-screen.jpg

 2. Review the information on the YouTube app activation screenyoutube-app-review-the-information-on-the-youtube-app-activation-screen.jpg

3.  Access the YouTube activation website to activate your YouTube account on the YouTube app.

Open a web browser and type in Follow the prompts to sign in with your Google account and enter the activation code you see on your TV screen.

4.  Your YouTube account should be now be associated with the YouTube app on your Set-Top Box / Lite

How do I search for a YouTube video?

1. Highlight and select the search box at the top of the YouTube app screenyoutube-highlight-and-select-the-search-box-at-the-top-of-the-youtube-app-screen.jpg

2. From the on-screen keyboard, type what you would like to searchyou-tube-from-the-on-screen-keyboard--type-what-you-would-like-to-search.jpg

3. Select a video from the search resultsyou-tube-select-a-video-from-the-search-results.jpg

Where can I find more help on the YouTube app?

Visit YouTube Help.

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