How do I add, modify, or delete a credit/debit card on my Layer3 TV account?

To add, modify, or delete credit/debit cards for your Layer3 TV service:

1.  Log into the Customer Portal, scroll down to "Account and Service," and click "Payment Options." 


2.  Scroll down to "Payment Options."  The credit/debit card linked to your Layer3 TV account is labeled "Default Payment Option".  If you'd like to link a new credit/debit card to your Layer3 TV account, click "Add Payment Method."  If you'd like to edit an existing credit/debit card, click "Edit."  To set a new credit/debit card as your default payment method, click "Make Default."  To delete a credit/debit card, click "Delete."

3. You'll be asked to confirm your changes. Click "Yes."

4. You'll see a green banner notifying you that your payment method has been successfully updated, and you'll also receive an email confirming the change.

Please note: You will see a $79 hold on your credit/debit card when you add a new card to your account.  Depending on your financial institution, funds are usually available to you again within three days.  This is a hold, not a charge - similar to a hotel or car rental hold.  Your card will not actually be charged this amount.

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