What happens if I miss a payment?

Sometimes credit cards get misplaced or stolen, or payments get missed. Layer3 TV makes it easy to resolve payment issues through the Customer Portal.

 Layer3 TV does not charge late fees.

1.  Log in to the Customer Portal

You'll see a notification that there is a billing issue on your account.  Click on My Service to continue.


2.  Review your billing information and payment method

You'll be directed to the My Service page.  On the My Service page, you'll see your credit card information and a Pay Now button.  

You can also update your default payment method or add a new payment method on this page.  


3.  Click on the Pay Now button


4.  Confirm your payment


5.  Success!

Your payment is processed and your account is now current.

Got further questions?  Need more assistance?  Call our Customer Care Team at 877-773-1563.

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